DIY Valentine’s Day Table Decorations Ideas-

Separated sticks, masking tape and tin.


I put the sticks next to each other and I was sticking with masking tape. I stuck until the toothpicks covered the can.




But then it turned out that left a little space and not fit a toothpick there! But this would not be a problem.


To hold the sticks around the tin, I took a lacy tape that I have and I passed around. I spent twice. I left the amendment right there in the hole where lacking a toothpick.



After I passed the tape around a toothpick pasted over with even white glue. And ready!


Put water, some flowers and he was a cutie! I loved us!






I decorated with this adhesive income. But each is according to the decor of your party, right ?!

Look this option with tied fabric. In this case, it is good to spend a tape there the amendment to hold the sticks standing around the can. Then just paste the toothpick to plug the hole and tie the fabric. I think it’s beautiful actually enjoyed more of that!


And since we are talking about mini arrangements … I know there are people who love cups of coffee shops. I too like the Starbucks, and I love the glasses. So I kept mine and brought home, pro case of rolling any idea. And rolled! lol …



I’ve seen several themed weddings, or weddings that has details of some passion grooms. Or details that are part of the love story of the two. Well, will that one of these details are paper cups these cute cafes that have lying around. Can you use these glasses to make the arrangements.

Just get a disposable cup, put in, put water, flowers and ready !!

And not only have to be at the party, right ?! Home will be cute too.

I hope you enjoyed. And if you like it , they enjoy the final post and show it around. So help me to share my work, and maybe help someone who is in need of an idea.

courtesy: scrabi