Ganesh festival or Ganapati Chaturthi is a big festival in Maharashtra. They go through 11 days long holiday time with grand celebration and worship. Ganesh worship is also prominent in other parts of India, though it is celebrated more widely in Maharashtra. Colorolis is one of the main parts of Indian festivals, because they paint the floor and make our hearts bright. These colorful patterns are prepared and traditionally used for various occasions. In this post, we will show tricky Rangoli design for Ganesh festival. You can also use them during Diwali because it is another time when we worship Lakshmi and Ganesh.

Easy and tricky rangoli for ganpati festival | DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

This is a nice and beautiful colorful pattern which is beautiful with the complexities done on Ganesh’s face. Color them with bright colors and then focus on making the face of God Ganesha. And then, fill it with detail and make it more attractive!

20 Beautiful & Simple Peacock Rangoli Designs

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