On the occasion of auspicious day, Diwali, more than the festival of lights, everyone decorates their houses and main doors, light dia etc. This is the tradition of designing a rangoli outside the main door. The colours of different colours like lotus, swastik, kalash, rituals and free etc are mixed with different colours of colours like lotus, swastik, kalash, rituals and courtyard. It is believed that goddess lakshmi attracts early rangoli. On the occasion of Diwali, women from home make beautiful rangoli.

There are many types of rangoli designs that complete Diwali Decoration. Some people make rangoli with colors that are some people who make it with flower petals.

Easy and unique freehand rangoli design | DipaS Art – Video Tutorial

Women create a variety of rangoli designs with the help of the internet. The colours present in rangoli make them attractive and beautiful and also fill colors in people’s lives. Rangoli increases the beauty of the house.

Easy unique rangoli designs using simple tools

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