Rangoli designs are an integral part of festivals in India. They are first made with a better base texture of the artist and then filled with colors of different colors. Specific designs and shapes are for choosing, and sometimes they are also done for random occasions and occasionally for special occasions. For example, Diwali Rangolis may have dia pattern or many colors of colors, pongal designs can have crop related elements and wedding colors can be more of a peacock design.

Beautiful Free Hand Rangoli Design For Beginners – Step By Step (Tutorial)

Rangolis usually come with some helpful help, such as stencil or cone-shaped papers, which makes it easy for us to make designs easier. But Freehand Rengolis are those that are done with a little more expertise. These designs are done entirely without the help of any device, which is why they are called freehand work. In this article, we will go through some of the best freehand rangolis Even the beginners can also take some tips and start with these designs. Exercise will definitely make you right.

Innovative Beautiful Rangoli Design – Tutorial

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