Soaring cup with flowers is perfect for a gift on March 8 and beyond. After all, we women are very fond of flowers, but unlike the living, this floral arrangement will delight all year round. And despite the fact that the floating cup is no longer a novelty, and their manufacture so many options, it is still a delight and admiration! And today I want to show you here is the process of creating such an unusual gift made in kanzashi technology.


Materials: Satin ribbon width of 5 cm (1.25 m in length by 1 flower), Stamens for flowers, Scissors, Lighter or candle ,Cup and saucer ,Glue gun, Threads and needle, Thick wire or something else.


We begin of course with the colors themselves, their number may vary from 10 to 25 (at your discretion). Flowers can be done in one or two or three colors, colorful, as you can see, too, not bad looking. To create the colors you need to master a method of making a sharp inverted petals kanzashi. And he did so: 1) Cut Tape 5 5 need to be folded in half diagonally.


2) Triangle, which has turned out to fold in half again.


3) Once again folded in half.


4) The tip of a little cut and singeing, then cut away the lower part of the very carefully, singeing and presses (stronger). Important: the edges should well stick together.


5) And now to turn out the tab.


And now we take the 5 petals ready, collect them on the thread and tighten thread.



In the middle of a flower, you need to drop glue and put stamens 3-4 (tied together).


Other colors do just as well. Also, we need the leaves, many options for their manufacture. I did so: cut out leaves from satin ribbon, making a sharp edge using nail scissors, and then singe the edges lighter. Leaves can be made of different sizes.


And there comes the most important point: the basis of crafts. Take a cup and saucer, degreasing. Then we need to glue the first cup, and then to the saucer is stable and heavy. I have used for these purposes, a metal mount for the profile (suspension). I accept it in principle, he is not bad bend top and bottom and is strong enough.


Many skilled workers use a fork (bending the top and bottom) for these purposes. You can also use the wire and wipes, So when our base is ready, we glue it first leaves and then flowers. Level I glued both in front and behind and colors are located only in the front.



This floating cup with flowers ready! And finally I offer you two variants of manufacturing floating cups.