Vase made of cardboard with the decor in the art Pape art. Competitive work and a master class by Irina Popov’s.


We need the following materials and tools.
So, materials-
-carton corrugated packaging
-kart on eye tube from under the foil food
-grub ya toilet paper
-Colors acrylic
-Oakley PVA
-lack acrylate
-nosh stationery
– scissors
-termor pistolet
-kisti glue and paint


The first thing we draw on graph paper silhouette vazy.Ya do so, specify the height and width, and in this rectangle sketched.


Further, of cardboard blanks do for the base and the main “body” vazy.Ranshe I did just one template profile.Eto uncomfortable, not sparingly used cardboard, hard vyrezat.I importantly, in the process of this profile can not be changed! And so did extensive database , was assigned the following detail, and you can tweak!


.Formiruem Bazu.Obkleivaem blanks (need about 30 de talk) tube of foil (or any other), then glue the resulting structure with a circle of fiberboard. Wrapping foil or paste newsprint, coated with a papier-mache (mine is crushed rough toilet paper plus the adhesive PVA building, a little putty)


Go ahead, forming the bulk of vazy.Techno just sticking the second type of billets (25-30 pieces) on the tube, then repeat all that they have done with a bazoy.Raznitsa that there is already, I paste a newspaper, not wrapped with foil!


Figure 1-form, pasted newspaper pieces, in Figure 2, smeared with papier-mâché, the third-shpaklevki.Izvinite in the process, forms are different, did the first 2 photos, making “Lisa!”


Shpaklyuem, skins, repeat this unpleasant procedure a couple of times until the surface is gladkoy.Vse! Getting to the decor! I decorated vase in the tissue engineering flagella Pape art Tanya Sorokina.


Puts flagella wet!



Paint a base color, I have a pale pink akril.Poluchilos something like that



I decided to make the color more saturated! Top white pearl acrylic, lacquered 3 times. I would be glad if my MC useful! Thank you for your attention!


Hope you like this tutorial.