Preparing for the New Year holidays in 2019, I want the house, dacha, office, or store to look beautiful and bright. To do this, it is not necessary to buy a huge number of New Year’s toys , but it is enough to only know a few tricks and include imagination. Here are some interesting and original ideas, how you can decorate any room for the New Year with your own hands, without spending a lot of money:

Decoration of a New Year tree – a toy capcake

You will need:

  • a small glass or plastic ball (or several balls)
  • Paper molds for muffins of suitable sizes (for a glass ball to fit)
  • artificial snow or salt and
  • PVA glue sequins
  • plastic berries (optional) glue gun with hot glue
  • additional decorations (ribbons, beads, buttons).


1. Put on a flat surface a paper muffin mold and add a drop of hot glue, then put a plastic or glass ball on the glue.

2. Cover the top of the ball with PVA glue and then sprinkle artificial snow or salt onto the glue. You can also sprinkle sequins on top.

3. The final touch can be called an artificial berry, which can also be glued with hot glue.

4. Tie a ribbon or strong thread so that the decoration can be hung on the Christmas tree.

Decoration of New Year’s balls: we make one more fur-tree capkake


  • glass or plastic ball ribbon sequins
  • PVA glue
  • molds for muffins
  • glue gun with hot glue
  • twine or other
  • strong thread.


1. Remove the top of the ball (to which the thread is attached) and set it aside. 2. Take the tape and start wrapping it around the ball using a hot tape adhesive. You can cover with a tape half or 2/3 of the ball.

3. On the untouched part of the ball, apply PVA glue and sprinkle the sequins on it.

4. Apply a little PVA glue on the top of the head, which you detached from the ball, and sprinkle it with sequins (preferably of a different color).

5. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the muffin mold and glue a ball to it.

6. Insert the crown into a ball, tie a string or other strong thread to it and decorate the tree or interior.

Decoration of the New Year tree with balls: the first children’s steps


  • glass bead (preferably matt)
  • sequins marker adhesive
  • PVA and a thin brush.


1. Draw the baby’s feet on the ball.

2. Gently apply a glue of PVA on the whole surface of the drawing with a gentle thin brush.

3. Sprinkle glue on the glue. Read also: New Year’s compositions with their own hands.

Decorating a Christmas tree: a snowman from a sock

You will need:

  • White socks fibrous filler (can be replaced with cotton wool)
  • dry beans strong thread different decorations (buttons, pompons)
  • tape black marker or black rhinestones (to make eyes)
  • glue gun with hot glue or superglue.


1. Pour the legumes on the bottom of the toe by about 3 cm.

2. Now, until the end, fill the toe with a fibrous filler (over the beans).

3. Tie the end of the sock with a strong thread, leaving a few centimeters to make the hat.

4. Bend the top of the sock so that it looks like a bonnet. You can use hot glue to fix the hat, and the sock is no longer folded. On the hat, you can paste the pompon with hot glue.

5. Cut a piece of bright ribbon or thread and tie it below the hat to make a head, and on the neck of the snowman formed a scarf.

6. Using hot glue, attach a button to the snowman, nose from the pompon, eyes from the rhinestones (they can also be drawn with a marker) and other ornaments as desired.

Christmas decoration of windows: a snowy night town


sheets of cardboard scissors simple pencil and ruler stationery knife (if necessary) garland Scotch different decorations (artificial snow, artificial greenery).


1. On the cardboard draw (as shown in the image) the silhouettes of hills, houses, trees, animals and whatever you want. You can use several sheets of cardboard, which can then be combined with adhesive tape or glue in one long sheet. * If you use a clerical knife, you can cut out the windows in the houses, make the legs of animals and other details of the city visible.

2. You can bend this sheet into a rectangle or you can leave it as it is. Attach cardboard “legs” to the bottom of the sheet so your paper city can stand. You can also use clay.

3. If you want to hide superfluous details of a design (legs, for example), you can make a paper “fence” around your craft.

4. Attach the garland inside the fence. It can be simply put or accurately and evenly fixed with an adhesive tape. In any case, it will look beautiful. 5. Place the hand-crafted item on a flat surface (table or window sill) and turn on the garland in the evening. See more ideas on how to decorate windows for the New Year 2019 Christmas

Decoration of the Garden

Here you will need support for climbing plants. It is desirable that this support be in the form of a cone, so it will look more like a Christmas tree. * This support can be purchased already ready or made by hand with the help of wire and wire cutters. * You can also make a support from the branches, having combined them in the form of a cone and tied with a rope. * Prepare the support and wind it with a garland. You can use Scotch tape or tape in some places to better fix the garland on the support. * It is best to start wrapping the support with a garland from the top of the head. * You can use one long garland to wrap two legs at once, or you can wrap each of your legs separately with your garland. This decoration is suitable for a garden or villa. Simply put on the porch or garden, and connect to a power source.

To decorate stood smoothly and do not fall, they can be attached with wire or nails to the board / plywood.

Beautiful Christmas decorations of the porch of the house or villa


  • bucket of any size
  • Spruce Spruce branches of trees of different sizes
  • Christmas balls
  • garland other ornaments (tinsel, ribbon).

Just add all the above ingredients to the bucket so that it looks beautiful. Lights can be put on the bottom. Turn evening garland, and the composition is ready. Be sure to see how to make a New Year’s wreath yourself .

Luminous panel for the New Year 2019


  • canvas on the stretcher (in this example its size is 40 x 50 cm)
  • paint for the background and snowflakes
  • Brushes (large for background and small for snowflakes and inscriptions)
  • stationery knife
  • garland

1. Paint the canvas in any color. In this example, a dark blue color was chosen, like the color of the night sky.

2. When the paint dries, start painting with white paint snowflakes of different sizes.You do not need to do everything perfectly, in the end everything will turn out beautifully. Also, you can make an inscription with a fine brush.

3. Using a clerical knife, make small incisions in the center of some snowflakes. Do not make too many incisions, and do not necessarily use all the bulbs.

4. Now hang the panel on the wall or just put it on a flat surface and turn on the garland.

How to decorate a house for the new year 2019

 a Christmas frame for photos and postcards


  • picture frame
  • garland (best with LED lights
  • – they almost do not heat up)
  • hot glue or scotch
  • tape clothespins (can be decorative)
  • photos and / or postcards.

1. Prepare the old frame from the picture or buy the simplest frame for this decoration. * If necessary, treat the frame with sandpaper and color. You can use spray paint or ordinary wood paint. * If you chose a spray paint, it is better to paint in fresh air or a well-ventilated room, putting on a respiratory mask and protective glasses (the spray contains substances harmful to humans).

2. Using hot glue, stapler or tape, attach the garland to the frame, both perimeter and width, so that you can attach photos and postcards to the wires.

3. Attach the New Year photos and / or postcards to the lights with the clothespins (usual or decorative).

The idea of ​​Christmas decoration: a Christmas tree on a wooden pallet


  • A wooden pallet or any old board or
  • plywood sandpaper paint for wood or
  • spray-paint (if desired) garland
  • hot glue or nails (to attach
  • some parts to a wooden base)
  • strong thread (if necessary)
  • Christmas decorations (including a star).

1. Prepare the pallet and sand it. If you want, you can paint it.

2. When the paint has dried, start nailing the nails with a zigzag (see image).

3. In order to keep the garland and toys tight, start with a strong zigzag thread to wrap the nails that have been nailed to the pallet.

4. Now wrap the nails with a garland, catching it also to the thread.

5. Begin to attach to the thread and garland New Year’s toys. Do this the same way as if you were decorating an ordinary Christmas tree.

* If you want, you can find a wide branch or stump, split it in half, and nail or glue it to the pallet. 

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