Most people in the world are waiting for New Year and Christmas holidays with special trepidation. Because they are associated with magic, miracles and gifts. And also because these celebrations “come from childhood.” And how nice it is for the whole family to get together to admit a holiday to the house, decorating it. Better yet, if you make jewelry yourself. Joint preparation for the holidays brings together, creates a special mood, brings pleasure and joy. Therefore, these 12 crafts for the New Year 2019are exactly what you need to diversify your family leisure and create an appropriate festive mood.

Crafts from paper for the New Year 2023

1. The Paper Angels

According to the Bible, the angel brought the Virgin Mary the news of the appearance of Christ. The winged messenger is one of the main symbols of Christmas and all winter holidays. There are dozens of ways to make an angel out of paper, and here’s one of them.

Materials that you need to create an artwork

  • thick paper with a pattern or relief
  • plain white or brown paper
  • piece of designer shiny paper
  • openwork scrapbook for scrapbooking
  • decorative button
  • body mat pencil,
  • scissors, glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • beautiful thread for hanging

From the design paper, cut out the details of three types. The first two will become the attire of the angel, the rest – wings. At the ends of each paste the adhesive tape. Collect the scraps as shown in the photo. Wingle the details of the wings to make a large bow. From a single-toned paper, cut out the head of an angel (a circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm), from a shiny halo (diameter – about 2 cm). Glue them together. You can draw an angel’s eyes and ruddy cheeks. To the back of the head, attach the loop from the thread. Gather the pieces together. Place where the wings and body join, decorate with a decorative button.

2. 3D snowflake made of paper

Openwork snowflakes are an integral part of the New Year’s decor. In nature, each has a unique pattern and form. Accordingly, master classes on making paper snowflakes are estimated in dozens. Before you – one of the most interesting.

Necessary material:

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • stationery clips (10 pcs.)
  • glue

Cut six paper strips of the same length and thickness.Place three of them at right angles to the others. The average should pass over the first and third horizontal, the other two – vice versa. Lock the intersections with paper clips. Connect the edges of the strips, so that the snowflake leaves four rays. In the same way, make another workpiece and place it at a right angle over the first one. The result is an eight-beam snowflake. Carefully fix the ends with glue. Decorate the house with a snowflake.

3. Paper suspension on the Christmas tree

Elegant suspension variegated decoration of the Christmas tree. To make the decoration brighter, choose two-sided paper with a pattern or cut out details from materials of different colors.


  • dense designer paper
  • stationery knife and glue
  • thin beautiful ribbon
  • decor (pebbles, buttons)

Draw a part pattern and carefully cut it out along the contour. At the top, make a hole in which you can thread or tape. Make at least ten such scraps. The more details, the more magnificent the toy looks. Fold each template in half and glue all along the fold line at three points: top, middle and bottom. Make a place for fastening the loop with a bow from the ribbon, if desired, use the decor. Remain the rest of the tape through the hole in the top of the toy and hang it on the Christmas tree.

4: Garland of paper stars

Shining in the dark “starfall” will create a dreamy mood. A romantic garland will not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also replace the night light in the bedroom. Dreamlike dreams are guaranteed!


  • thick paper of two or three colors pencil,
  • ruler, scissors saucer about 15 cm in diameter
  • glue
  • electric garland

Place the saucer on the paper upside down and draw around the contour. In the resulting circle, enter two identical triangles that intersect each other, as in the picture. In a garland, each star consists of two halves. So draw one more detail, adding small allowances to the edges. Cut out the asterisks from the paper and fold them in different directions to reach the volume. Unbend the allowances, apply glue and gently attach the halves. Leave two small holes. Make the right amount of stars and draw garlands through them. Turn it on and enjoy the spectacle!

5: Cones of Paper

Such colorful toys will decorate the green beauty and will please the kids. For work choose a paper with a pattern to taste. Frozen ornaments and a modest cage will do.


  • thick paper with a pattern
  • ruler, scissors, glue
  • twine
  • thin satin ribbon

Cut the paper in strips of this size: two – 1 cm wide by 10 cm in length, two – by 1.25 cm by 16 cm, one by 1.5 cm by 20 cm. Each fold with an accordion, the ends are glued together. By joining the fold lines, assemble the parts as shown in the photo. Glue them in this order: small, medium, large, medium, small. To the crown attach a loop of twine and bow of satin ribbon. More ideas, how to make Christmas hand-made articles from paper with your own hands, look here

Crafts from felt for the New Year 2019

Crafts from felt in the form of an owl and a 3D house with their own hands One of the best materials for crafts is considered to be felt – it is just ideal for creating cute toys and interior decorations, it’s easy to work with it, it cuts and splices perfectly, and it’s not so expensive. In addition, that Christmas decorations from felt will decorate your house, these cute pieces will be an excellent original gift for friends and colleagues, standing out from the category of the usual stamped jewelry!

6: Snowflakes from felt 

Embroideredsnowflake patterns from felt for decoration of a Christmas tree, chandelier or cornice How to make a snowflake and many other crafts made of felt, look here Crafts from cones

7: Garland of cones

cones are perfect for making decorative New Year’s garlands. The main thing is to prepare more of this natural material in advance, walking along the nearest forest park. If in your places the pines do not grow – do not despair, because for fans of creativity these days cones are harvested almost on an industrial scale, so before the New Year you are bound to find packages with them on store shelves. In addition, you will need these items: in fact,

  • pine cones;
  • hank of strong twine;
  • several sheets of golden foil;
  • glue;
  • brush;
  • hooks;
  • pliers.

After you have bought and prepared all the necessary materials and tools, proceed to the following steps:

Step 1.

We fix the loops. On the top of each bump, mark the place where the hook will be screwed. Fasten it in the pliers and screw into the bump.

Step 2.

Decorate the cones. Walk on the tips of the scales of the cone with a brush with glue, then wrap it with gold foil and rub the place where the glue was applied. A thin layer of gold will cover the cones, giving them a glamorous look and shine. You can do it and it’s easier – sprinkle cones with a small layer of gold paint from a can or make smears with the help of gold acrylic. It all depends on what kind of material you have at your fingertips.

Step 3

We string the garland. String the bumps on the string. So that they do not move to one place, do not forget to tie a small knot of twine on each of the loops, which serves as the basis for the garland. Your decoration is ready!

8: Hedgehogs of cones

Cute hedgehogs of cones – this is a simple craft, which can power even the youngest children, so boldly sit down for making New Year’s gifts for grandparents or prepare an exhibit for the school fair. In order to make cute little animals, you will need:

  • Pine cones;
  • plasticine black and
  • beige;
  • brush;
  • sticks for modeling or
  • toothpicks;
  • old blush.

sticks for modeling or toothpicks; old blush. The process of manufacturing the animal consists of the following stages:

Step 1.

First, check how well your cones have opened. If the cone is still dense, with unopened scales, place it on a couple of days in a warm place near the battery to make the animals prickly.

Step 2.

Roll a piece of beige plasticine and make a cone. Glue it to the top of the cone and blind the hedgehog face. Roll two small balls, just flatten and stick the ears. Make two sausages – a couple more and a couple smaller to glue the front and back legs to the hedgehog’s body. Using a stylus or a toothpick, draw a hedgehog with your fingers and a smile on your face. Three balls of black plasticine will become the little eyes and spout of the animal.

Step 3.

Put a little blush on the brush and make a hedgehog with rosy cheeks, so the little animal looks even nicer. The handicraft can be installed on a piece of cardboard, decorated with artificial moss and dried autumn leaves. For additional decor, you can use red beads that look like wild berries, or decorate a hedgehog with an apple made of green or red plasticine.

9: Christmas tree of cones

The cones are so similar to the small fir-trees that you can easily make a whole bunch of green beauties for the holiday. Decorating them with beads, rhinestones and artificial snow, you can literally fill the house with New Year’s mood in a few minutes. To make this craft you will need:

  • corks from wine;
  • cones; green and
  • white gouache;
  • glue gun;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • snippets of chains;
  • buttons or other accessories;
  • satin ribbons;
  • brushes; artificial snow balloon;
  • sheet of thin foam plastic;
  • nail polish with large glitter.

Make a spruce forest, following these recommendations:

Step 1.

Cut the corks from the wine into circles in the thickness of 1.5-2 centimeters. Subsequently they will become trunks of Christmas trees. Above the stand of the plugs do not do – the trees can turn out to be unstable.

Step 2.

Color the cones with green gouache. If at home you have a balloon with green paint, the process can be speeded up by simply spraying the paint on the cones.

Step 3.


Using a glue gun, attach the Christmas trees to the trunks of the cork.

Step 4.

Think over the options for decor. Part of the Christmas trees can be made snow-covered by applying a layer of white gouache or artificial snow from the can to the tips of the scales. Prepare for them the tops in the form of a star. To do this, you need to make a cardboard pattern of an asterisk, and then cut out the desired number of figures from a thin foam. Cover the stars with a layer of lacquer with shiny particles. After drying, the tops are glued to the top of the fir-trees. The remaining Christmas trees can be decorated with beads, buttons or rhinestones, pasting them to the scales with an adhesive gun. For additional decor, use old bracelets, scraps of chains and other jewelry you do not need. Christmas trees can be put individually, and installed on a large sheet of cardboard, sprinkled it with small foam foam and artificial snow. Around the trunks of the cork you can wrap a little cotton wool, See also: 12 handicrafts made of cones ! Christmas tree for the New Year with their own hands

10: Christmas trees from gift paper

Very simple, but original version of the New Year beauties. To make a Christmas tree from a gift paper you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper wrapped in gifts
  • Scotch
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Tapes Beads
  • PVA glue
  • Sequins

Step 1.

Take the cardboard if it is small in size, and you want a big Christmas tree, add 4 sheets and connect them with adhesive tape.

Step 2.

Twist the resulting sheet diagonally into a cone.

Step 3.

We fix the resulting cone tape. How many cones should be – it’s up to you. You can make a whole forest of cheerful unique Christmas trees of different sizes.

Step 4.

We scissor down the bottom of the future fir-trees.

Step 5.

Take the gift paper and level it on some hard surface.

Step 6.

Using adhesive tape, attach the paper to the top of the cone.

Step 7.

We start wrapping the cone with paper diagonally. The paper should lie on the cone very tightly.

Step 8.

To the edges of the paper we fix the double-sided adhesive tape, cut off all the excess and carefully fix it.

Step 9 .

We cut out from a cardboard asterisks on quantity twice more turned out fur-trees. First, glue the two stars together, but only the edges, so that you can then put the asterisk on the cone. After we miss on both sides PVA and drop them into golden (as in our case) or any other, sequins.

Step 10.

Decorate the Christmas trees at your discretion: ribbons, beads or just a garden star. Our merry Christmas trees are ready. By the way, the variations of such trees can be different. You can paste them instead of paper with a cloth. And as embellishments use fringe, patches, buttons, butterflies, dragonflies and anything that comes to hand.

11: Christmas tree lamp

Very beautiful and original Christmas tree, which will be a real festive addition and decoration of the New Year’s interior. To make a Christmas tree you will need: A floral net of different shades of the same color (for example, dark green and light green), it can be purchased at any flower shop

  • Cardboard
  • Glue (can PVA or any other)
  • Floral wire
  • Cellophane film
  • Garland with LED
  • Bulavochki
  • Ornaments (at your discretion)
  • Scotch
  • Brush

Step 1.

We twist the cardboard into a cone, fix it with adhesive tape and wrap the cone tightly with cellophane film.

Step 2.

Take the container and mix it with PVA glue with a little water.

Step 3.

We cut the mesh with not very wide strips, we immerse it in a container with glue and diagonally in different directions with glue strips on the cone.

Step 4.

We fasten the ends of the strips with pinches and all the joints are once again smeared with one layer of glue with the help of a brush.

Step 5.

Wait until the mesh dries. Remove the pins. And by the previous example, we make another layer of the grid. Leave it to dry completely, remove the pins again and remove the dried mesh from the cone. Separate it from the cellophane film is not difficult.

Step 6.

Inside our Christmas tree we fasten the garland with the help of wires.

Step 7.

Turn on the fantasy and attach to the Christmas tree conceived jewelry. For example, it can be beads glued with a gun with glue. And you can just put a Christmas tree in the beads.

Crafts from salted dough on the Christmas tree

Angels and hearts – the perfect crafts from salted dough on the Christmas tree These stunning artifacts on the Christmas tree you can make with the children – they can roll out the dough, cut out funny figures from the dough, help decorate the finished toys. And you can be sure that your kids will not eat all the toys until you’re home, because they’re made of salt.

12: Salted dough asterisk

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