One of the great Christian holidays – the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrate the twenty-eighth of August each year. Thanks to the scriptures in the Old Testament, we know that the Mother of God on this day ascended to heaven to be there with her son Jesus Christ, and to pray for human sins.

Usually on this day people do not give each other anything, but simply go to the church for the liturgy to pray to the Theotokos. But, if you want to present a small souvenir to someone from your relatives, then we suggest you use the master class of weaving earrings in the form of a cross, which will be described in this article.

Earrings from beads

If you have at least a little bit of bead work skills, then this master class of weaving earrings for the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin is exactly for you. To weave such earrings, you will need the following list of materials:

  • beads of cubic form;
  • round beads;
  • faceted beads;
  • thread with a needle for beading.
    Take a thread with a length of one meter and type on it one faceted bead and a round bead. Do this four more times. Close the work piece in a ring and go through all the elements again, as shown in the photo. The thread must come out of the cut glass. Next, type four cubic beads and go through the next bead, as pictured in the photo. Repeating these actions three more times, you will receive the basis of the craft. The last thing you need to do is to stretch the thread through 2 cubic glass jars.

Now you need to extend the beam to one row. Dial 2 square beads and go down through the third, which was previously dialed. Then go back. This technique is very similar to the chain in the Ndebele technique. Strain another thing faceted and even simple. Go back through the cubic one. Surround the bead with four more things like this: dial two beads, walk through them, then pick up two more and go back. This move is shown in the photo with a green arrow. Thus, you have formed the first ray of the cross.

Next, we need to weave the next face. String such a list of the main material, which was described above in the text. The only difference is that this beam will be slightly longer than the previous one. Extend it to two beads and add 1 more bead.

Surround this element with a small bead, and then go on to weaving the next workpiece. A new ray is performed in analogy with the first one. After the completion of this phase of work, you need to deal with the lower beam.

The lower part of the earrings in the form of a cross will be the longest. It is increased by five rows, as pictured in the photo. Add another large bead at the end.

Surround this large beads with smaller ones: string 1 bead, 2 faceted beads and 1 bead. Spend the weave through the glass that is near the base of the large one, and on the other hand, repeat exactly this set of elements. Decorate the sidewall with small beads, as in the picture.

The gift for the Assumption of the Virgin is not over yet. Now go to the design of the upper ray of the cross. Decorate this side with small glass as it was done earlier with the previous beam. In addition to this, make a loop of six small things for the schwenze. If you intend to use this product in the form of a pendant, then it is better to choose something different for the loop. Go to the last sidewall and also decorate this side.

It remains to decorate the bottom part. Bring a thread for 2 faceted beads to a large bead. Dial 3 more beads and go through them. add 3 more pieces and finish the second side of the bottom symmetrically with the first one.

As a result, you will get a real cross, which is still very soft. It is necessary to strengthen it and add volume, so that it is rigid and kept its shape. Pass the thread to the very center of the cross so that it emerges from the bead. Gather a new small element, then a large one and 1 small one. When you pass through the center of the product, you will get a small corner, as shown by the arrow in the photo. You need to weave in addition 3 similar corners.

Pull the thread through the top of the corner to string 2 more beads, and then walk through the top of the other corner. Repeat these steps 3 times in a circle. Thus in the middle there will be an additional volume. Then you need to add stiffness on all the rays of the cross.

You need to pull the working thread through two small beads so as to be near the top. String 1 element of small size and a few cubic glass. Their number directly depends on the length of the woven ray. Weaving the gift for the Assumption of the Virgin continues, you should walk through a large element and a few adjacent beads. Go back through the cubic beads. Get a small glass and go through the center of the cross. Focus on the green arrows that are depicted in the photo.

Thanks to this weave, you can strengthen each side of the cross. You just need to fill the edges of the thread so that they are not noticeable. Such a product can be, as a pendant, and beautiful earrings. Do not forget to attach the finished shvenza to the product. In any case, such earrings will be a pleasant and unexpected gift for the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin.

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