How to add a little magic to the children’s bedroom? How about making yourself a real town for fairies and gnomes. In the evening fairy-tale creatures light lanterns, which makes them light and cozy in their houses, and read books to each other.


  • White paper for printing
  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Glue
  • Artificial Candle

How to make?
1. Save the templates below on the computer and print them.

2. Gently cut the patterns along solid lines and bend by dotted lines. The windows should not be cut with scissors, but with a clerical knife – so the paper will not bend, where it is not necessary.
3. Gluing in appropriate places.
4. Separately we cut out the Christmas trees and paint them with felt-tip pens or paints. We bend the stem of each tree for stability.
5. We put artificial candles on a table, a window sill or in a corner of a children’s room, we cover them with small houses, we decorate around with Christmas trees and we turn off the light. The magic begins!

On motives it is possible then to prepare templates and to make in the children’s room the whole city.

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