How to Train Your Dragon? Very simple! We need a bushing from toilet paper, napkins … and quite a bit of imagination.


  • Bush from a roll of toilet paper
  • Multi-colored napkins (preferably, “fire” colors)
  • Colored paper
  • Small and medium pompoms
  • Eyes for crafts
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

How to do?
1. We glue the sleeve with colored paper from the outside.

2. We glue on the big pompons eyes and we fix from one of the parties of the plug. On the other hand we make smaller pompoms – the nostrils of a dragon.


3. Now the most important moment: cut the napkins strips with a width of not more than 1.5 cm. We glue the strips on the inner side of the sleeve in a circle.

The fire-breathing dragon is ready! To tame it, blow with the baby in the direction where the eyes are located – and you will see how the monster breathes flame.

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