How to Make Accordion DIY Paper Basket. Setting up some DIY makes is pure delight! We can make the most of our available time while setting up some fascinating and valuable DIY creates from the things we have in our home!

In the event that you too adore making DIY creates, we have some good times filled and astounding instructional exercise for setting up a cool simple accordion paper bushel for you!

Accordion Paper Basket

This is a simple and delicate craft which you can get ready in only 10 minutes and decorate your home. Either for Christmas, wedding or for amid different celebrations adorn your home with this super charming little crate!

This paper basket is a nice gift craft. You can use it as a chocolate basket or gift basket.

Things You Need To Make DIY Paper Basket

DIY Easy Accordion Paper Basket

  • Color papers
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive
  • Thin and thick cardboard
  • Decorative flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Beads

Step By Step Tutorial For DIY Paper Basket

Take a pink sheet and draw the markings on it as shown. Cut along these markings.

Accordion DIY Paper Basket

Now fold each piece to make an accordion shape.

DIY Accordion Paper Basket

Now take a small piece of cardboard and cover it with a pink sheet as shown here.

Draw outlines similar to that of the cardboard piece and make some more markings on the sheet as shown.

Cut along the outlines.

Now fold the cut out color paper along the markings like this.

Paste the cardboard piece at the center of the cutting.

Accordion Paper Basket DIY

Now paste the accordion shapes on the color sheets as shown here to form the basket.

Take cardboard pieces and cover it with color paper.

Paste these pieces on the inside of the basket as shown here.

Accordion Paper Basket DIY Craft

Take a long cardboard strip and cover it with paper to form the handle of the basket.

Accordion Basket DIY Craft

Paste the handle in the basket as shown.

DIY Accordion Basket Craft

Now decorate the basket with paper flowers and pearls as shown.

Accordion Paper Basket

Wow!! Your beautiful accordion basket is now ready.

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