Make a beautiful polymer clay calla lily necklace. Calla Lily is almost everywhere in Australia but not in Asia. It’s kind of rare in the countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s an expensive flower there.

At certain period of time, this type of Lily flower is favorable for hand bouquet and other wedding decorations.

I like this flower for its simplicity and purity. You will see how to build it step by step instructions for beginners.

You will need polymer clay in white and yellow garnets and to “set it” onto your flower.

  • First, you warm the clay with your hands so that you can start to work.
  • Then follow the instructions as shown in pictures.
  • Create many lilies with your clay.
  • Then bake your flowers according to package instructions.

In the same way, you can make calla/lilies of sugar paste to decorate cakes and sweets you or clay to play with children.

below you will see some ideas I found on Etsy to use the lilies/calla that you made

Hope you like this tutorial.

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