Rangoli is derived from the Sanskrit word “Rangwali”. It is an ancient form of art that was seen during the auspicious festivals. In India, Rangoli tradition is considered as the best purpose of home decoration for festivals. It enhances the beauty of homes. It was first developed in Maharashtra and after that the ritual was done by other states. Indian lady draws Rangoli on Diwali, Holi, Onam, Durga Pooja and similar front doors. You should be excited to know how Rangoli is prepared and what type of material is used in it. Here we have mentioned all kinds of information related to Rangoli design. Hope you will enjoy it.

रंगोली पेन/कोन कैसे बनाए ||how to make rangoli pen/cone||Diwali rangoli hacks 2018 Lets create craft – Video Tutorial

How are you all,this is my new video about rangoli, in this video i shall show you the tool for perfect rangoli, this rangoli tool will help you to make awesome and beautiful rangoli. I hope you will like it.

Easy Rangoli Tricks and Tips for Beginners

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