Easy and quick rangoli design for festival – Video Tutorial. Diwali is one of the largest festivals for Hindus and it is incomplete without Rangoli. We decorate our house in various festivals and Rangoli plays an important role in that decoration. Other things used to decorate our home include ‘Diya’, floating ‘Diya’, candles etc. It is a tradition of making Rangoli on the occasion of various festivals, which was started decades ago. It is said that Rangoli brings good luck.

Easy and quick rangoli design for festival

Earlier, the rangoli was made using rice and dry flour. They were used for this purpose that there is food for rice insects and birds. Therefore, birds could eat on Rangoli, which means that the grain used to make rangoli was never wasted. However, the tradition of making Rangoli is through a change. Nowadays, colorful rice, flour, colored sand, flower petals and other colors are used to make rangoli. In this article, I will share Rangoli design images for Diwali.

Very simple and beautiful rangoli design – Tutorial

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