Room Organizer from water cans – Recycled craft Tutorial.

Many people now drink bottled water directly at home and at the company, which is convenient and safe and can be changed at any time. How to turn waste into treasure using bottled water tank? Have you thought about it, through a simple DIY storage supplies tutorial, let you find that the old bucket can be used like this!


Required Material:

  • Waste water can,
  • utility knife,
  • acrylic paint,
  • copper wire,
  • white foam,
  • scissors,
  • waste paper,
  • glue

How to turn a drinking water tank into a beautiful DIY storage bin, here are the simple steps that Artsy craftsy Dad brings to you, and let’s learn how to do it.

As shown in the side of the bucket cut off half or one-third, the height is divided into three, in each layer between the holes tied with copper wire or wire separate.



In each layer plus a good cut foam, as a partition, painted color will be much better.



Hand-painted some small stars, and sticky paper circle, as a decoration.



Placed next to the TV cabinet, you can put the remote control, keys, mobile phones, etc., the top of the bottle inserted a bunch of glue, but also just look good.


Image courtesy: Anitha Kumaran

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