Innovative Rangoli For Diwali Laxmipujan 2018 – Step By Step (Video Tutorial). Diwali is the most celebrated and most celebrated festival in India. Since this festival symbolizes the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune, so the patterns reveal their symbols like Kamal and elephant with six symbols and hexagon. Diya and Swastika also got a prominent place in Rangolis for Diwali. Colors used for Rangoli design are bright and bold, they are similar to the festive experiences and feelings. Rangoli may also be decorated with props like water fountains, floating candles, diyas and flowers for Diwali. Rangolis made in hallway and worship room are mainly decorated with diyas, flowers, kumkum and turmeric, because these materials are considered sacred.

Dussehra and diwali ki neat and clean rangoli design

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