At the end of October in Europe and the USA celebrate the tragic autumn holiday of Halloween. It is believed that it is at this time of year that the dark power is most active. At the same time, the streets are transformed: showcases are decorated with pumpkins and installations of otherworldly subjects. People dressed in different costumes celebrate the holiday – Halloween.

To celebrate Halloween is an ancient tradition, and on this score there are many myths and legends. One of them says that long ago it was on the night of October 31 to November 1 that the souls of deceased people visited the houses in which they had lived before, to see their relatives and get warm by the fire.

But among the angels there were hidden demons, witches, devils and other evil spirits. To scare the evil spirits out of the house, people made kind of candlesticks-amulets of pumpkins. The glow emanating from the pumpkin forms scared the dark forces and they went away. Today, people reincarnate into intimidating images and carve pumpkins for fun.

To make a candlestick made of a pumpkin is a whole art that requires imagination, dexterity and ingenuity. A month before the holiday in each store you can find the attributes of Helluin: garlands of pumpkin, artificial blood, terrible masks. A costume and paraphernalia made by themselves.

Make your child a costume and visit a holiday that is sure to be held in the city’s shopping and entertainment center. Or arrange a thematic party at home with friends, decorating the rooms, and making “terrible” snacks.

Atmosphere of the holiday will be perfectly transferred by the thematic photo session, after which you will have fabulous photos. By the way, the pumpkin is a very vitamin-rich autumn vegetable, so do not rush to part with the pulp, and make from it a delicious porridge or a useful casserole.

Happy Halloween!

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