How to make a braid 4 strands with a chain hairstyle

Hello dear mistress! at the request of TsiDy I explain how to make a braid 4 strands with a chain. it is not even microns, and an explanation

chain hairstyle (1)

the basis taken in the 4 strands of the braid with ribbon u here …. all the difference is that now I’m using a string, beads

chain hairstyle (2)

separate the left frontal area of ​​the strand, which is divided by 3 pryadochki, 4 strand is tsepochka.krepim her taut invisible

chain hairstyle (3)

top mount close highlighted hair and begin braidingchain hairstyle (4)rightmost strand will be superimposed on top of and under tsepochku.kraynyaya left strand under the bottom and top of the chainchain hairstyle (5)

pletёm making uniform grabs loose hair from both sideschain hairstyle (6)dopletaem braid to the end, we fix the elastic bandchain hairstyle (7)scroll wrap and fix the pins on all sideschain hairstyle (8)I hope that this did not cause u have one weaving technique razocharovaniya.Prosto and different hairstyles. I hope that you do come in handy. Thank you

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4 Braided Flower Hairstyles – Easy Hairstyles for Girls

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