Boxes of paper towels and toilet paper tube

Look at this junk material recycling) Cute casket made of … but then do a lot of things))) Bobinki of toilet paper, paper towels from bobinki, raffia, hemp rope, spaghetti or wooden skewers, tissue paper, plastic lids bottles, ribbons. Do you like the idea? See photos class?


Take bobinki on paper towels and connect them on two pieces, fixing tape


Next, take bobinki of toilet paper (those mildly) cut and instruct the finished boxes of other strong bobinok


All the fastening tape. Cut desired length spaghetti or wooden skewers


Cut out cardboard circle, do bedplate and cover boxes. Paste box or spaghetti sticks with hot glue


The bottom and top of the box wrapped with raffia. Adhesive tape, attach the cover bottom winding disbanded raffia. From plastic bottle cut off the neck and wrapped with tissue paper ring


Decorate with ribbon. From tissue paper cut out the leaves. From ribbons and rosettes make glued to the box with hot glue

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Glue the ribbon to the lid and the box