How to make candy shaped candy box

This package is not very chic candy that? Can be used as Valentine’s Day or lover birthday gift oh ~ cutting wrapping paper length and width of 15cm 2; wherein an additional 1 ratio to be trimmed a bit Zhang, edge length and width can be cut to remove the 0.2 or 0.3cm, < 15cm. You can choose some pattern lovely , warm.



Step start ? try to choose bright colors and lovely wrapping paper, but also slightly harder texture).
1, cutting the length and width of 15 cm wrapping paper 2;

wherein an additional 1 ratio to be trimmed a bit Zhang, side length can be cut wide each remove 0.2 or 0.3cm, <15 cm.


2 boxes of practice reference origami box tutorial : simple origami box of



2, small box, already folded and set aside; Here’s the bigger box approach;
(bigger box, folding to this step when the attention, folded along the dotted line areas)

Note that this place is so folded,


2 are made ​​this way, and then raised the fold, cut with scissors to look good, you can use lace scissors, cut wave edge (if not lace scissors, you can cut into other shapes, or maintain the status quo) are playing two volumes , can be rolled out; smaller box will do a good job before, put a large box ready ribbon, a little thin, casual, lace, no pattern can be, tie a bow at the ends so that the completion of the

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