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One of many options is how to make flowers from a nylon to decorate a house.

These are wild flowers!

In the photo, you can see the entire master class step by step how to do it.

The game of color is something that will bring a breath of fresh air into the comfort of your home.

Materials that are needed:

  • kapron for needlework and creating colors of the selected color;
  • wire;
  • tap-tape;
  • vase.

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Kapron is cut into uniform pieces and the wire is made, as it were, an eyelet and, after being twisted, is clamped in the center. Straightens, cut to an even appearance. This is how a few small flowers are made.

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Now we collect small flowers in twigs so that small inflorescences are formed. It will be only one twig).

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Having made a lot of branches, you can create a whole bouquet of wild flowers … .from the side, even at a distance it will not be understood that these are artificial flowers made of nylon and wire.

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Here’s what a beautiful bouquet can be placed in a vase for flowers and decorate your house!

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