From plastic bottles you can make not only an ottoman, but a whole sofa. From personal experience I know that padded stools can withstand a man, weighing 80 kg (tested on her husband) freely. If they are covered with a filler, they do not creak. They are light and very comfortable. I advise everyone! You can tighten the ottoman with your skin, cloth, or you can tie it with a crochet. How to make an ottoman and pattern scheme – look under the cut.

preto_no_braco-06-07-abertura (466x700, 163Kb)

pufe_pronto_revestido (410x388, 22Kb)

sofa_pet_revestido_acabamento (360x271, 26Kb)

cama_garrafa_pet (454x220, 33Kb)

corte_topo_garrafa (308x233, 17Kb)

encaixe_topo_fundo_garrafa (388x350, 28Kb)

encaixe_topo_dentro_garrafa (263x350, 23Kb)

encaixe_outra_garrafa_dentro_primeira (269x350, 24Kb)

peca_resistencia_pronta (240x350, 19Kb)

Pull the bottles with scotch tape

junte_duas-_nas-_duas (350x362, 39Kb)

junte_duas_pecas_resistencia (282x350, 28Kb)

junte_oito_nos_oito (350x347, 40Kb)

junte_quatro_nas_quatro (350x263, 29Kb)

prenda_bem (263x350, 26Kb)

pufe_pronto_revestido (410x388, 22Kb)

sofa_garrafa_pet (254x271, 28Kb)

sofa_pet_revestido_acabamento (360x271, 26Kb)