Salt dough peacock

Before you start, do a COLOR TEST. Put the gouache on
the salted dough and mix it well into the dough.
If necessary, you can add flour.

Color saturation depends on the amount of gouache.

ball, flat cake,

Cone, sausage.

Before work, we wrap the A4 cardboard with a plastic bag,
put the frame on top and create our picture in it.

Of the main forms, we make a twig of the tree, trunk, neck, and head of the Firebird.

Roll out the cone, cut it in half and get the beak.
Eyes make of small lozhechek.
And from sausages, we make feathers for a tuft and wings.

Roll the sausage, we take it and we squeeze out the feather pattern.

Feathers for the tail are made of small round lozenges.
Three cakes of different colors and sizes are superimposed on each other
and from the center of the stack, we extrude the pattern.

Tail lay the triangle from the bottom up in staggered order.

From the green dough we make leaves and distribute them on a branch.

Flowers are made from small lozhechek.

The Firebird is ready.
Leave the craft before it dries completely.

Cover the finished product with varnish and let it dry well.
A cardboard size of A4 is covered with a cloth.
We glue the frame and the Firebird from above.

Our magic picture is ready.
You can make a wish!

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