Organizer from salty dough ingredients

Hello my dear friends, I want to share with you my new crafts. This is an organizer for my daughter.

MK "Organizer for the daughter."

My daughter this year on September 1 goes to school and I wanted to make her the right gift with my own hands.

For its production we will need : 3 glass jars of different sizes, cardboard, ingredients for salt dough (flour, water, salt, vegetable oil, starch, gouache, scissors.

First, take the banks and we’ll see them on the cardboard :

Cut out the base by 1 cm from the line:

Then we make salty dough. Take a bowl and connect 200gr. salt and 200 gr. flour, all the mixing add 125ml. water + 2st. spoons of vegetable oil and 50 gr. starch. Knead the dough, the dough should not stick to your hands, if necessary, you can still mix a little flour, the dough does not have to crumble, it should be elastic :

Take a little dough and roll out :

then take the glass jar and wrap it in the dough, like this :

thus wrapping in a dough all three cans and rastavlyaem on the cardboard in size :

from the remaining test we make any patterns :

when all the patterns are ready, you can put in the oven for baking :

when the dough has dried it can be dyed with gouache :

you can leave the background white, and you can paint with zoltym :

when the paintwork is finished, you can cover everything with varnish :

Here’s a stand for pencils and markers I did not judge strictly, I do not know how to draw at all. Thank you all for your attention.