How to Make Summer Bag Of Plastic Bottles

Materials: Plastic bottles (or laminate, the transparent plate from the file folders and so on), scissors, hole punch, hook, yarn, fabric lining, 3 Lock, ribbons, beads, glue

One of the sites I saw pictures of the production of cosmetic plastic plates, and decided on the same basis to make a handbag.
A friend saw that I started to do something new, I asked to photograph the process for her. So I thought why not put your handbag manufacturing version.

1. From the plastic bottle 34 cut squares measuring 6 * 6 cm strips and several pens and decor top bag. Use the hole punch to make holes as in the picture and cut corners. What would I have long strips were several short are connected by melting the ends of the candle, as you can simply glue with glue. To handle plate desirable to make two layers.

2. Squares tie 2 rows of columns, and the strip I was knitting this: 1 column, 3 column with sc and 1 bar. Through holes in the finished strips of stretch tape.

3. The squares to sew. The shape of the bag to carve out two padding (external and internal). Embroidered flowers.

4. Sew side seams. The top tie several rows of columns

5. External lining sew. Carve out internal pockets and sew them to the inner lining.

6. A pocket-septum to make the length equal to the length of the bottom. In the photo right length marked by red lines.

7. Remove the bag inside out, put on her outer lining to be sewn by hand on the bottom of the bag and on the sides

8. Connect the two padding and sew the zipper. On the inner edges of the bag handles to sew.

9. Lining do frill

10. The lining sewn to the bag so that the bag edge is free. To sew the edge of the frill.

11. This view of the finished bags from the top