Two handles in wood or resin will embellish this pretty bag in roundness.
It has an inside pocket for the laptop and closes by magnetic pressure.

Step 1 – Cut the fabric

Make your two pieces of the pattern on a pattern sheet or newspaper.

Mark 2 x A side in the fabric or wool, 2 x A side and once the pocket in the lining.

Cut each piece by adding 1 cm of seam everywhere.

Step 2 – Prepare the pocket

Fold the pocket in half, right side up on the fold lines marked in dotted lines.

Pin and stitch the lap leaving an opening of 6 cm.

Turn over the pocket, iron and poke the top 1.5 cm.

Attach the pocket to the location of one of the lined sides, 12 cm from the top and in the middle.

Step 3 – Prepare the liner

Assemble the bottom of the two sides in a lining in place from one dash to the other, consolidating the starting and ending points well.

Crit as shown.

Step 4 – Prepare Striped Fabric

Repeat the previous step for both striped canvas faces.

Turn the canvas bag over.

Step 5 – Assemble the two bags (1)

Slide the striped canvas bag into the lined one.

Sew each unmounted edge leaving a 10 cm opening in the middle of one of them.

Cut the seams to 0.3 cm.

Step 6 – Assemble the two bags (2)

Turn your bag through the opening and iron it flat.

Overspray the two sides at 0.2 cm from the edges.

Step 7 – Assemble the two bags (3)

Place the magnetized pressure as follows:
– in the middle of the faces in striped cloth and 3 cm? From the top, make two small slits and slide in under pressure;
– put the washer on the other side and spread the stems with the thumbs.

Step 8 – Secure the handles

Make a crease of about 3 cm in which you will have slipped a handle.
Pin and build the handle.
Prick on the mounting wire.

NB: Use preferably a zip foot, which will allow a string as close as possible to the handle.

Step 9 – Make small finishes

Finish your work by making several 1 cms stops at the two openings in your bag.

Step 10 – Your bag Trouville

Enjoy your beautiful bag now!