Mask for Halloween in 5 minutes? No problem! It remains to choose who your child wants to be at the holiday. Maybe a pretty white rabbit?


  • Paper plate
  • Beverage Tube
  • Paints (gouache or acrylic)
  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Scotch

How to do?

1. We put on a paper plate line according to the scheme below.

2. Cut the contours along the dashed lines. Eyes better cut with a clerical knife – it will be more accurate!
3. We paint the antennae and the inner side of the ears.
4. We paste on the muzzle.
5. Using adhesive tape, glue the left or right side of the beverage tube (depending on which hand the child is comfortable holding a mask).
The mask is ready! For inspiration, you can use images of other animals, including the most fantastic ones.

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