Many of us adore to consider miniature houses and small apartments that can easily fit in the pocket of a coat. Olga Moutina, an artist and decorator from Cheboksary, made her hobby a profession and became famous designer of tiny doll houses, returning us to the world of fairy tales and childhood.


“Since my childhood I’ve loved to create houses in different boxes, lockers, shelves, but most of all I liked to populate unexpected places, containers and objects where nobody would look for my mysterious mini-inhabitants. She also adored making small houses, for example in a matchbox, and everywhere to carry it in a pocket. Now, when I have grown-up children, I have an opportunity to return to my childhood passion. She participated in thematic and personal exhibitions, while only in her native city, because the miniature is very fragile and therefore there are difficulties in transportation. ”

“Of course, modern technologies allow today to do the most unthinkable and realistic with the help of baked plastic and 3D-printer, but I still like different beautiful rubbish, if it’s not me, and a little Lilliputian found a piece of cloth, a needle, a wire and made himself cozy room, in which we, Guliver, sometimes can look into the window. Only so that he does not notice, otherwise he may get scared and find himself a new house. But the kids were lucky – little animals and little people are not afraid of them, like to communicate with them and travel in their pocket in our vast and amazing world … ”


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