Without Rangoli, Diwali is incomplete! It is believed that the colorful patterns drawn on the floor welcome Goddess Lakshmi and bring prosperity to the owners. However, you do not always have to use chemical-based colors to decorate your home. You can create a magnificent Rangoli design with flowers! Who will not like the bright, beautiful and beautiful colors of the flowers to decorate the houses, bringing flowers with them and less than skin allergies! Apart from this, you can use whatever flowers you want without going to the overboard! The aroma is subtle, moving in the air! On the contrary, Rang Rangoli, flower rangoli design are all natural, once you do, you can eat them for compost. These are also cost-effective! Generally Gulab, Marigold and Daisi are used for the flower rangolis but you do not have to stop yourself! You can also source flowers from flowers or flower bouquets, which have begun wilt. Throw the petals, immerse them in the water and cool down. Take out the flowers before thirty minutes of starting with the design.

Basic rangoli flowers for diwali by DEEPIKA PANT | DEEPIKA RANGOLI AND ART


So, this festival season, go environmentally friendly. Maya Flowers brings you a reference ready for this Karvachuth and Diwali! If you want some creative floral inspiration for Diwali decoration, scroll down to see some easy but beautiful design!

Peacock Rangoli Designs By Poonam Hedau

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