20+ Stylish Back Knot Blouse Designs: To the point of being obscurely repetitive, we still can’t help ourselves but insist the basic fact that, in order to keep your saree style stand out, you need a riveting blouse.



Potli Balls Tie-Ups

This is one of the easiest ways to increase the glam look of your blouse. By adding an elongated thread with a small cloth ball at the end, you can include feminine touch on the back of your blouse.

If you plan to wear silk or party wear sarees, then you can include zari cloth balls or plain cloth balls with zari embellishments. This will instantly add needed drama and make your blouse back neck interesting.

Back Knots with Beads

Next way to make this back knot blouses more attractive is by opting for colorful beads. In case if the saree in talk is a designer one, then a row of gold beads of different shape would be enough.

Even for simple sarees, you can go for plain beads in the same shade of saree or blouse, to get your blouse back style more striking.

Back Knot Blouse Designs

If your blouse is instilled with heavy thread work with intricate patterns, then the back thread can have one of those patterns stitched at the end for a cool look.

Here below are blouse inspirations to try this option with heavy embroidered blouses. You can even use different thread colors to make an impact at the back.

Cloth Tie Back

To approach this back knots in an entirely new way, you can even opt for cloth tiebacks. In this case, you opt for contrasting blouse from your saree and use a bit of saree fabric to get this tie back done.

Alternatively, if the saree and blouse are of the same color, you can even introduce a new fabric in a hue that compliments the base tone of your saree. This could instantly lift up your blouse style.

Back Open With Just Thread Knots

If you don’t mind being a bit seductive, then having a complete back open blouse with just about a pair of threads to coordinate your blouse is a cool way to look!

You can either go for contrasting colors to add a bit of drama here. This may not be your cup of tea to use as a daily wear, but these blouses generally go well with expensive party wear on special occasions.

Deep Neck & Tassels

Another most catching way to do get tie back blouses is to adorn them with chunky tassel work at the back.

This rich work will go well with silk and velvet saree blouses. They just add the right amount of grandeur to the already expensive looking saree.

That doesn’t mean this option should be restricted to only those sarees. Even handloom and cotton sarees with soft tassel details at the back could be a head turner!

Basic Tie Back With the Fabric

This is the basic tie back model which you can try literally on any blouse any time. Having a simple thread details will instantly up your blouse style.

I don’t like to experiment beyond your comfort zone, yet want to give this blouse style a try, then this might sit well with you.

Dense Tie Back Blouses

There are always some girls who refuse to put up with anything less than a stylish option. This is for you beauties.

This is one of the most creative ways to make tie back look super cool on you without making you feel any discomfort.

Opt for a relaxed blouse with dense tie back as below and wear with any saree! You will be a showstopper that day with this creative blouse option.

Simple Thread Tie Backs

This is another model for beginners who make a great deal when they have to break their comfort zone.

This, by all means, looks like your basic blouse model but retain a significant style with the addition of those slim thread details.

Embellished Tie Back

Do you have a heavy Kundan work, or heavy beadwork saree blouse, then the tie back can also be made to look little dramatic by having same work there.

Want to seek an inspiration? Check out the two blouse models below.

Glamorous Tie Backs with Broad Open

Many like back knot blouses because of the glamorous appeal it can bring to your saree. There is absolutely no denial to this fact.

However, if you make a mistake, it might make your entire blouse not so easy going.

That’s why it is essential you pick right tie back style at the back that can make you feel relaxed instead of anxious.

Here below you can see two regal blouse backs that are very tempting in all the way without compromising the comfort.

As you all see, there are so many ways to make this back knot blouse designs work for you. All you need now is to look at the options once again and opt for the one which goes well with your personal style.

Go ahead, stitch them, wear them and just get ready to stay stylish with them!

Now tell us whether you like this blouse style or not by dropping your comment on the box below.

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