These 8 lessons are very exciting for children from 2 years old. Sort, arrange, find and combine is a great way to take a baby. In addition, these games, based on the principles of early development of Montessori, which is good for the development of the children’s “I”.

1. Find the letters

Letters can be cut from felt or dense colored paper. Task – to add a word similar to the one written.

2. Count the beads

On each wire there is a label that tells the required number of beads.

3. Dough and color.

Soft dough for modeling, painted in different colors in itself is already an excellent entertainment and material for creativity. If you add long spaghetti pasta to it, then such podstavochki will become the base for collecting colorful beads in groups by color.

4. The subject and the outline.

It’s simple – you need to pick up an object for each outlined contour.

5. Collect according to the scheme.

There are several schemes for which you need to collect shapes from the designer.

6. Color proof.

Color, decomposed into halftone – an excellent simulator for color perception. You can take pallets with different colors in the building shop, in the wall paint department.

7. The chain.

From felt strips with sewn buttons and slots you need to collect a long long chain.

8. The paths.

On the objects, in this case on pebbles, there are lines that can be folded into a continuous line. Line building is an exciting activity. Lines can be irregular forms and form labyrinths, passing one into another.

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