The toy Pacman was very popular about 10-20 years ago. Everyone has played at least once in her life, and so everyone knows that sense of panic when a small ghost tries to eat the protagonist. If you make of these ghosts a garland for Halloween, and even use a black color, you can put the horror on all your guests. For children who have not found the era of the popularity of the game Pacman, it will be an excellent journey into the past and will acquaint you with the past passions of the parents.

The shapes of the figures are very simple, so it will not be difficult for you to cut them. To be inspired to create a garland and remember .

Garland Making Procedure

Print out the layout on white paper and cut out the template.

Attach the cut out pattern to the black paper and gently circle the drawing with a pencil. Cut out the parts of the future garland. You can use transparent plastic or a normal plastic bag to make the eyes. Glue it with tape on the back of the ghost, and then glue the pupils. If you want to make a two-side garland, then glue another figure of the ghost from the back to hide the tape.

When all the parts are ready, glue them one by one with a sticky tape to the black thread or mulen. An example of the resulting garland can be seen in the picture below.

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