Parents of boys know that there are not many toy cars! At the young racer in a collection necessarily there are every possible models of a car from usual cheap lorries to difficult models of a special equipment. Sometimes parents do not even know what to surprise their child, and go in search of new machines in expensive children’s centers and online stores. But to make a gift, which will be in a single copy, is not at all difficult. Moreover, you can make by your own hands absolutely any model of toy equipment. For professionals and newcomers of manual labor, we suggest using master classes of varying degrees of complexity.

Boys of different ages will not refuse to be in the role of a brave firefighter and play with a fire engine. This is what we will do from improvised materials.

Firefighter from matchboxes

A simple and quick to manufacture model of technology will not cause additional questions in the course of work. Children can do such a fire engine even on their own. You will only have to explain the safety of working with scissors and glue.

The following materials and tools will be required:
  • empty matchboxes – 5 pieces;
  • a set of plasticine;
  • colored paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • matches;
  • wooden skewers;
  • scissors;
  • wheels from the designer “Lego” – 4 pieces (you can use wheels from old broken machines or caps from plastic bottles).

Step-by-step description of the work

  • Take 4 match boxes and glue a rectangle (2 on 2) of them.
  • Top glue the box (without the inner compartment).
  • Glue the resulting blank with red colored paper.
  • From paper of yellow color cut round headlights, from white – 2 square
  • windows. Glue to the body of the machine.
  • Bottom with clay, attach the wheels (caps from drinks).
  • From the matches and wooden skewers, glue the ladder.
  • From clay, make a fastener for the stairs and the flasher.
  • Insert the ladder.

The fire truck is ready! Your young firefighter can go to feats.

Fire from the box

The proposed option is also available for independent implementation by children of primary school age. To make this model, you need to prepare a medium-sized box (packing from an iron, a toaster, a set of glasses, etc.).

Necessary materials:

  • box;
  • cardboard;
  • a set of self-adhesive colored paper;
  • scissors.
  • Step-by-step crafting
  • We paste the box with red self-adhesive paper.
  • From the cardboard we cut out 4 circles (wheels) and glued it with a small overlap from the bottom.
  • From the colored paper, we cut out and paste the front and side windows, the radiator and the ladder.
  • From the top glued flashers (you can use the details of the designer “Lego”).

The fire truck out of the box is ready!

Machine made of boxes from juice

This model of the fire engine is a bit difficult for a child to make. Therefore, we propose to make such an article together with the children.

Material Required

  • boxes of juice and milk;
  • tubes from toilet paper;
  • coils from scotch tape;
  • glue;
  • paint (gouache or from a can);
  • paper napkins (toilet paper);
  • Painting tape;
  • plastic tubes for a cocktail;
  • matches;
  • newsprint (magazines).


  1. Fold the boxes in such a way that the shape of the structure resembles the car’s body (with the cab and body). Secure the structure with tape on paper basis.
  2. From the bobbins of scotch, cut in half, make wings.
  3. From the tubes of toilet paper – tanks for water.
  4. From the bobbins from the scotch and corrugated cardboard, glue 4 wheels.

  • From the tubes and matches make a ladder and cover with silvery paint.
    To further the machine was not too visible places of gluing parts, cover the
  • body with napkins and newspaper – then when painting the paint will lie on the surface more evenly.
  • Glue in front and sides of the silver cardboard glass, of shiny paper – lights and flashers.
  • After all the parts have been glued to the base of the machine, cover the cabinet with a red paint.
  • After complete drying of the paint, draw details (wipers, white stripes).
  • Attach the ladder and the vertical pipes from above.

The laborious and time-consuming process of manufacturing fire equipment will bring pleasure not only during work, but also during a game with a typewriter.

Creative models

To produce the so-called growth models of fire trucks, large boxes of household appliances (a refrigerator, a TV set, a washing machine) will be required.

By coloring or pasting a large box, you can get an interesting toy, from which any child will be delighted!

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