Very simple ideas for preparing for a fabulous holiday!

1. Green food color and m & ms – a universal way of New Year’s decoration for desserts.

2. Set up in your kitchen a large friendly snowman with scotch and colored paper.

3. How to make hearts for decorating hot chocolate? Froze a layer of whipped cream, applied to a sheet of baking paper, and then cut out the resulting “material” of the heart with curly molds.

4. To beautifully decorate the table, use a couple of twigs from your Christmas tree.

5. Green tinsel will give your Christmas tree extra splendor.

6. Plastic cups are very convenient for storing Christmas toys.

7. For a sweet Christmas house, you do not need to bake gingerbread – it’s enough to use the finished cookies from the package.

8. Put the New Year’s candy on the tray – and the beautiful decor of the New Year’s table is ready!

9. Use paper clips to keep the Christmas toys securely.

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