Rangoli pattern in India, which has a symbol on one side, is called ekalingatobhadra, while the Rangolis consists of eight auspicious emblems are called ashtalingatobhadra and sarvatobhadra, this pattern is given to the pattern in which there are symbols drawn on all sides. In this type of Rangoli design, small squares make up large squares and in this way, smaller squares are filled with syndrome or vermilion for making Shivalinga. Apart from the lines, rangolis can also be made by drawing dots. Dots are used to make images of turtles, lotus, peacocks and so on.

Ancient rangoli art designs freehand || Cute kolam designs | muggulu for beginners


  • When making colorful colors, remember to wear gloves to avoid blurring your hands.
  • To make a rangoli, first drag a thick outline on the floor. Once you are sure of the shape, refine the outline and then start filling it with colors.
  • When making colored rice flour, add approximately 2 spoons of table salt for rice flour to get a bearded texture.

Very Easy Peacock Rangoli For Lakshmi Pada

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