Land of Festivals – This is what India is commonly known. India is the habitation of people of different cultures and is a set of festivals of every culture and summaries of festivals of all cultures occurs in innumerable consequences of festivals. Making Rangolis at the entrance of houses is a common tradition during any festival in India during Diwali, Dussehra, Onam, Pongal, Holi etc. Nowadays, the tendency of creating rangolis in the corners of the Frontier has spread beyond the necessity of the festival. In this post, I have compiled 30 beautiful corner Rangoli designs with images that can serve as inspiration for the corner of your next Diwali Rangoli. Some paintings have been grown from the central Rangoli images, because the designs are very beautiful, they can always work as an idea and can set the front in the corner Rangoli design.

An endless queue of festivals in an Indian’s life unknowingly portrays his life with the colors of happiness and prosperity, again alive with all the new powers to overcome the barriers of life. Festivals in India mean colors, new clothes, guests at home, decorations, flavored by festive dishes; In lots of fun Festivals are harbingers of a new chapter of life; It’s reborn – where we leave behind the past year’s failures and disturbances and move forward in a new year with new hopes of success and welfare. Festivals ensure that we repeat our lives with the colors of happiness and prosperity.

Any celebration or mixing together on the floor can be an excuse for the traditional art of Rangoli, no matter how small it is. The simple corner rangoli provides a good purpose for such a large opportunity. This house looks beautiful, as well as capturing the central position and not limiting the movement about the house.

Beautiful and Innovative Multicolored Rangoli Design

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