Create a whimsical cardboard apple tree craft with this easy step-by-step tutorial. A fun DIY project that lets kids’ imaginations bloom.

Let’s Eat Apples by plowing from an Apple tree, so let’s make a project that enhances your children’s creative minds, Using cardboard and colorful paper to create an activity centered around picking apples from a cardboard tree can be both fun and educational for children..

Awesome Cardboard Apple Tree Craft Tutorial For Kids

Awesome Cardboard Apple Tree Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • White Paneled , Black Color & Red Color
  • Sheet( Green, Dark Green, Brown)
  • Double Sided Tape

Cardboard Apple Tree Craft Instructions

Step #1: Take A Cardboard

Take A Cardboard

Firstly, we cut cardboard into a rectangular shape and double-sided tape on one side of the cut.

Step #2: Paste The Cardboard

Paste The Cardboard

Then, paste the cardboard

Step #3: Cut The Cardboard

Cut The Cardboard From Down

Now, cut the cardboard from the end using scissors and triangularly.

Step #4: Repeat Previous steps

Repeat Previous steps

Now, repeat the same steps for every corner.

Step #5: Cut The Tree

Cut The Tree

Use light and dark circular cut shapes, the shape size should be the same.

Step #6: Cut Circles For Tree

Collect All The Flower Accordingly

Cut three circles for the tree structure using three different colors of sheet, the shape should be of the same dimension.

Step #7: Draw An Apple

Draw An Apple

Here, We are making an apple tree in which we’re just drawing the apples using black & red color, if you want to draw some others then make a drawing accordingly.

Step #8: Draw More Apples

Draw More Apples

We have to draw more apples on all three sheets and make a little smile on the left side of all the apples using white color.

Step #9: Complete This

Complete This

Now, complete the above steps.

Step #10: Paste The Base

Paste The Base

Here, we have to paste the base into all three sheets.

 WOW! We Have Complete Our Craft.

 WOW! We Have Complete Our Craft.

Make a design on the cardboard tube as a tree base. Finally, your cardboard apple tree craft is ready!

This cardboard apple tree craft is a delightful way for kids to unleash their creativity and make charming decorations for the home. With simple materials and clear instructions, this project allows children to bring their imaginative visions to life. It’s a rewarding activity that encourages hands-on learning and artistic expression.

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