It is believed that Rangoli designs began many centuries ago. Some of the improvements of Rangoli designs are also available in our scriptures. Rangoli’s art has changed in many centuries and has changed again. Rangoli goes through various names in many parts of India. We have some easy Indian Rangoli designs for beginners. To impress your in-laws or neighbours, practice these easy rangoli designs at the ease of your homes. If you enter any Hindu home in India, you should be welcomed by the Rangoli design, which is usually drawn with chalk powder or lemon stone powder on the floor. Traditionally rice flour was used to make rangoli design, because it could serve as a food source for small insects and birds. Easy Rangoli design is used in almost all kinds of Hindu religious occasions, festivals, weddings etc. It is believed that the Rangolis is far from the evil spirits from the houses. So try one of these easy colorful designs today.

Very Beautiful Rangoli Design By Deepika Pant – Step By Step (Video Tutorial)

Beautiful Diwali Special Rangoli Design – Step by step (Tutorial)

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