These crochet appliqués shapes are versatile and can be used to embellish many different seasonal and Christmas theme projects. Better still, they will be a hit as a Christmas tree decoration!

What you need

Size hook: I used 3.5 mm but can be done with less, for example, 2.00 mm.
Yarn weight: I used fine cotton, anchor style creative fine for example, or Katia fine cotton.


Make two by applique

R1-Magic ring, 16 dc in ring. You need multiples of 4 to start.

R2– Ch5, work back with: sc, hdc, dc, treble crochet, join at 4th st from where you are.

External Big Chain: work ch35

Colored center circle: Magic ring, 7 sc in ring, join. Fasten Off.

Decorate with beads or pearls, slip stitch the center with contrasting color.


Small Shamrock

With a color of your choice, ch3, join to form a ring

R1– Ch1, 6 sc in ring, join

R2– Ch1, (sc,hdc, 8dc,hdc,sc) in first sc,(leaf), slip st in next sc, (work leaf in next sc, slip st in next sc) twice

STEM: Ch5, slip st in second chain from hook and in next 3 chains, join, finish off.

TRIM: with new color sl st loosely in each st around, finish off

Large Shamrock

R1– work like small shamrock

R2– ch1, sc in first sc, (ch3,skip next sc,sc in next sc) twice,ch3, join in first sc.

R3-Sl stin first ch-3 loop, (sc,hdc,dc, 7 tr, ,dc, hdc,sc) in same loop (leaf), (sl st in next sc, work leafin next ch-3 loop) twice

STEM: Ch6, sl st in second ch from hook and in next 4 chs, join, finish off

TRIM: work same as Small Shamrock

Small Colored center circle: Magic ring, 7 sc in ring, join. Fasten Off

Larger Colored center circle: Magic ring, 14 dc in ring, join. Fasten Off

Decorate with beads or pearls slip stitch the borders with contrasting color.

All done! Merry Christmas!

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