Rangoli Design Tutorial

Rangoli designs are made during festivals and other special occasions. They are made using rice flour; colored sawdust, sand or rice. You can also draw easy and simple rangoli designs using gulaal. It is are available everywhere and come in myriad colors. Nowadays you also get rangoli molds in the market.

Rangoli Design Tutorial by Deepika Pant

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Step by Step Rangoli Design Tutorial

Rangoli is an art of decorating the floor with beautiful patterns and filling them up with color. They are mainly made by women during the festive season. You can draw them in your courtyard, at the entrance of your house or inside your home in your living room and pooja room.

Here is easy and simple rangoli design for you to try. Now, be it Sankranti, Diwali, Ganpati, Onam or Durga puja decorate your home with colorful rangoli designs.

Colourful and Beautiful Rangoli Design Video Tutorial


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