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The mythical dragon braid hairstyle is set to be this present season’s most blazing hairstyle… and here’s the tutorial by which to get the look.

This has been one of the most loved twists for a couple of months now, which is the reason we are writing about this now.

The most effective method to Create a Dragon Braid

Upbeat Easter! The current week’s hairdo is nothing new, as you’ve likely observed it around wherever from the catwalk to mold magazines, however we’re a little while ago getting around to taping an instructional exercise on it. This has been one of Brooklyn’s most loved meshes for a couple of months now, which is the reason she volunteered to be our model today.

Dragon Braid | Hairstyles for Girls


This hairdo is by and large called the Dragon Braid, as it impersonates the rough scales down the spine of the mythical beast. You know, a considerable measure like you’d see down the backs and tails of gators and crocodiles today?

To see the video, click underneath!

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