Easy to make mini hats – hair clips

Homemade hair accessories always attract attention and give pleasure both in minutes of manufacture, and in the process of using.Made on this master class with his hands barrette-hat will decorate the hair of a girl or a young girl.

The basis is taken of junk materials – cardboard, a lid from a plastic bottle with water, the remains of fabric and affordable decor, which can be easily found in the box for needlework: ribbons and beads.We also need threads, needles, PVA glue and hot glue.

Doing their own hands for this master class, two identical hair clips, you will get an excellent set of jewelry for the schoolgirl.Similar hats can be decorated not only hair clips, but also hoops and hair bands.Such a hat will be an excellent gift to a little princess.

The video shows two ways of making small hats:

 DIY Mini Hats- Hair Clips Craft Tutorial