We  will show  simple and effective decor for shelves and racks.

For a statuette in the form of a cone (or artichoke), you will need: pistachio shells, foam plastic or any other suitable workpiece, on which we will glue the shells, you can take a piece in the form of a ball, not eggs, and a stand (well, of course, of course ).I took a wooden egg stand, you can use a candlestick, or even just stick an inverted saucer, then it will be without a leg, just on a stand.

For a mirror vase, you will need: a suitably shaped bank, a sprayer and a paint with a mirror effect.I know these two: Krylon Looking Glass and Rustoleum Mirror Effect.I tried both, Krylon gives more mirror effect, but more expensive, and it’s harder to buy.Rustoleum is for sale in Leroy.

A couple of tips for specular paint: apply it in short presses, you can in a few sets of thin layers, letting the previous layer dry.The paint is very liquid, if you overdo it, it will flow and there will be a puddle on the bottom of the can, instead of a mirror.You do not have to water the interior in advance, without water, you will get a smooth mirror.To those places where there were droplets of paint on the bank does not stick and it is easy to erase, the result is the effect of an aged mercury glass (this is what the fur-tree toys cover).You can paint from the outside, but the coating is rather gentle, especially the first few days, and if covered with varnish, then the effect will be not the same.That’s why this paint is applied from the inside of the glass.And there it is already possible to fix it with varnish, but you can not pour water in such a vase.

For book-keepers in the form of lions you will need: two plastic toy figures, you can have any, and dinosaurs and beasts, very beautiful deerespecially for winter decor, two wooden bars of suitable size and veneers also sawn to size.Faneries are needed to screw the figures onto them from the wrong side.I saw on the Internet these figures also glue on the epoxy, but since the holders are rather heavy (otherwise they will not hold a stack of books), it seemed to me to fasten the screws more reliably.Likewise with the primer, you can do without it, just paint from the can, but that all this does not get off quickly, I pre-primed.

For a mini-garden succulents you will need: two packages for eggs from cardboard, a plate on which we will glue flowers (I have a wooden one), pebbles for filling, and metallic paints of different colors – copper, gold, silver.

For a candlestick of sticks, you will need dry sticks (they must first be cut or torn about the same length), a suitable cup, in which we will put a candle, and paint.I colored the brush with acrylic, because I could not find the right color in the can, but in fact it will be much easier and faster to paint the can.When you glue the branches to each other, try not to pour a lot of glue so that it does not catch your eye.If the flow is too visible, an additional wand can be glued on top of it.