Do you like furniture with pallets so you do not know how to make them? Today we have prepared a tutorial to make your own table of wooden boxes of design, a unique piece, very beautiful and very simple. Also, if you arrive until the end, we will give you a bonus track with 3 other photos of different pallet tables.

Although it may seem a bit surreal, making a table with wooden boxes is easier and more fun than it seems. What do we need? A couple of fixing tools, recycled pallets and a lot of desire to create art with your own hands. If you have never done tables with wooden boxes until now, we warn you that the final result is always even better than expected. There is nothing like creating something that comes out of yourself to be proud of your work. When you start building with pallets you can not stop!

Ready? We start!

We explain how to make this impressive table of wooden boxes

We have shown many times how to make coffee tables with pallets , today we will show you how to make a table with four wooden boxes that are used to store fruits, vegetables or vegetables, a wooden board to make the base and four wheels we can make a central table with a super bright and impressive finish in a very easy way.

We show you how to make it your own and the result. Although it is not exactly a table what you want to build, it can serve as a guide and inspiration to make other handmade wooden things. A table of wooden boxes is one of the simplest furniture to make, despite being composed of different steps and pieces, the process is relatively simple and the final result very easy to achieve that is as you have projected in your imagination and in your sketches.

The first thing is to get the materials , as we have mentioned, we will need 4 wooden boxes, a square wooden board that is quite robust (the measure will vary according to the size of the boxes), 4 wheels with free movement, some screws and / or nails to join the different parts of our table (I recommend screws because they hold better and are easier to remove if we make mistakes) and tools, meter, screwdriver, hammer and little else.

Base for table with 4 wheels

The treatment for a table of wooden boxes is quite simple, we will do a sanding with a fine sandpaper either with an electric sander or by hand, we will clean any remaining dust after sanding (a brush is perfect for this task), we will clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove any small residue and we will give a layer of varnish to protect the wood.

Once this process is finished we will do the same with the iron or base of our table, sand, clean and varnish and then place the 4 wheels in the corners at a distance of approximately 5 centimeters .

Position the wooden boxes

Finally, we will put the base on the floor and place the four boxes as shown in the image and we will hold them between them and with the base so that it is in a firm way, as I said I prefer to use screws for these cases, but if you consider it appropriate, you can do it with nails.

Once the assembly of our table of wooden boxes is finished we will give you the finishing and the design that we like the most, we can apply some color that goes according to the decoration of the interior of our house, leave it with a more natural finish , give it a touch of aged wood or whatever we can think of and we like more, you have thousands of possibilities! In general, if your living room is decorated in warm colors, it seems that leaving the wood in its natural color may be the best idea. Look at the bottom photo of how beautiful it looks. Cover the holes with decorative objects that go in the same line: plants, stones, books, candles and other elements. You will fall in love with the result.

Table made of wooden boxes or baskets

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