Traditionally, flowers in Kansas technique must be made from silk fabric. Since it is very expensive in value, needlewomen found a way out, and replaced it with satin ribbons. Sliced ​​squares from the atlas are folded in a certain sequence and are singed by fire. All created elements are connected by means of glue or thread with a needle into one product. If you make small simple flowers, then a little time will be spent. And if you create fancy flowers with many tiers, then you have to work longer. But in the end you will receive an unusual product in Kansas technique, which can become a wonderful decoration.

The master class prepared by Tatyana Hajkonen, will show you how to make a gentle twig of sakura in Kansas technique. The lesson will be accompanied by a photo gallery and video material.

Flowering cherry from ribbons

To conduct a master class, you will need certain materials, namely:

  • satin ribbon of white, tender pink, golden-green and golden color;
  • beads with metal cups;
  • beads with fine wire;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors and lighter;
  • dense cardboard;
  • a piece of soft tissue;
  • glue gun;
  • bezel.
    Cut the wire into lengths that are six centimeters long. They must be made in the amount of 21 pieces. You need to string the beads and form the rings, which consist of five beads. Make four such twigs, as shown in the photo.

Next, the master class proceeds to create the bud. Cut the pink ribbon into squares and scorch all edges with lighters so that the threads do not crumble. The square should be bent diagonally, and the side corners wrapped to the central part. The corners are lowered. Hold the work piece with tweezers, so it will be more convenient. Trim the bottom edge of the work piece and treat it with fire. Make five such petals in a similar way, and thread them on a thread with a needle. Tighten the thread to form a cherry blossom, then fix it and pour the underside of the flower with glue. Such sakura flowers in Kansas style will require three pieces.

A large central bud is then made. His method of creation is identical to that described above, but the petals will be two tiers. Take a white and pink box, fold them diagonally, and put the triangles on top of each other. Seal the corners with fire, and then lower them down. One tip is cut off with scissors and singed. Collect all the petals in the cherry blossom. All the buds are joined in that order and in color, as depicted in the photo in this master class.

Cut out the circle from the pink satin and sew it with a needle. A circle of cardboard is inserted into the middle and fixed. You need to do three things to close the underside of the cherry blossom. Twist the branches from the beads and glue them to flowers of cherry blossoms in the style of Kanzash.

We pass to the next stage of the master class – creating corrugated cherry leaves. Cut out from the satin leaves, the length of which will be no more than five centimeters, and the width of 2.5 cm. Lay them on a towel. Then heat the knife over the fire and blunt side pass along them the transverse bands. The most important thing is not to overdo it so that the knife is not too hot, and does not damage the foliage. Another point, do not lead to smoky metal surface, otherwise your work pieces will be hopelessly spoiled.

Showing your imagination, group all the elements of Sakura  in a certain sequence, as you like in a single bouquet. In the center of the bud, glue the metal accessories with the bead.

It remains only to fix the sakura in Kansas technique on the rim with the help of glue. Now the stylish accessory is completely ready. This master class takes about 2.5 hours. It’s not so much to get such beauty.

Sakura – a symbol of youth and beauty, you can create both from ribbons, and from beads . It does not matter what this gentle color is made of, the main thing is its refinement and fragility.

Video: Learning how to make cherry in Kansas technique

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