How to make trendy handbag from plastic cover trendy handbag is the latest fashion for a women.

For bags should be from 3 to 6 packages of garbage bags. Use 2-3 or more colors (the more colors, the brighter the bag). Hook 1-2.5.

trendy handbag

bag (2)

folded package 3 times:


bag (5)

cut into small pieces of the package:

bag (7)

if the package tonkiy- pieces of 1-1.5 cm:

bag (8)

if thick, then 2-2.5 cm:

bag (9)

sliced ​​rings:

bag (11)

stretch out the lower end of the tape to form a loop:

bag (12)

add a thread of a different color, Packages can be connected in the course of knitting:

bag (14)

we must have: yarn for knitting, fishing line 1.6, half rings for handles and decoration:

bag (15)

Calculation for initial chain: from the bottom of the length subtract the width, you get the initial length of the chain.

In this case, 20 cm:

bag (16)

When tying the chain becomes shorter, so dial it by 1 cm longer:

bag (17)

scheme for the bottoms:

bag (18)

tie a chain of bars without nakida the one hand:

bag (19)

then the other:

bag (20)

then, applying the line, knit columns without nakida, tieing and the line:

bag (21)

fishing line in the middle of the columns, like knitting Bourdon (Irish knitting)

bag (23)

bag (26)

when the bottom of a ready, cut the fishing line and tied his rachim step:

finished piping, drag the thread to the wrong side of the bottoms:

bag (30)

Further knit bag wall columns without nakida:

bag (34)

in the second row, for the expansion of the bag, knit in every 10th st.b.n. two columns:

bag (35)

on the edge of the skip the line

bag (37)

at the top of the trim can be a bit of tightness, then we will need a supply of fishing line:

bag (6)

associate handle, the valve on the bottom of the scheme, the posts without nakida pocket and two circles for magnetic buttons:

bag (11)

sew handles, magnetic button and decoration:

bag (15)

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