The great date is May 9 – Victory Day. On this day, we honor the veterans who fought heroically for peacetime and our freedom. Congratulate and give a token of attention to our grandparents – this is only a small part of what we can give in gratitude to the heroes. You can create beautiful greeting cards and souvenirs for this holiday on your own or together with children.


Every year on May 9 in the night sky you can watch a celebratory salute. This spectacle can not but delight with its beauty and riot of colors. Invite the children themselves to convey vivid emotions and a sense of flashes of colored lights on paper.

Salute can be painted with bright felt-tip pens or colored crayons. But children, no doubt, will be interested in the following ways of drawing this fireworks:

  • 1 way. Take a white sheet of paper, a few jars of gouache and an ordinary dining-room fork. Dip the fork into the paint and make a few prints in a circle. Then, having washed the plug, and having immersed in a jar with a paint of other color, make some prints on top of the previous ones. It turns out colorful fireworks.
  • 2 way. Instead of a fork, take a small round brush. Dip the villi in the dye and make a print on a piece of paper. On top of one color, apply another color in a similar way.
  • 3 way. On a white sheet of multi-colored wax crayons, invite the child to draw a salute. Then paint blue (blue) watercolor paint over the picture. Traced chalk places are not painted over, and the picture will be bright and festive.


Necessary materials:
  • a set of colored paper;
  • adhesive PVA or double-sided adhesive tape;
  • scissors with blunt ends (for left-handed children, select the appropriate tool for cutting parts);
  • a sheet of colored cardboard for the substrate;
  • a simple pencil and an eraser.

Detailed description of the stages of the card:

  1. Prepare the work pieces in advance or offer templates for drawing contours of
  2. parts from the back side of the colored paper. Children older (4-5 years)
  3. suggest yourself to cut out details on the contour.
  4. When all the necessary details are cut out, decompose them on a basis to understand the order of gluing.
  5. First, attach a thin orange strip to the black strip. This will be an imitation of the St. George ribbon.
  6. Next, apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the tape and glue it down on the base.
  7. Top with greased glossy green details – lily of the valley leaves, then a red number – nine.
  8. Glue a thin stalk and along it white bells of a lily of the valley.
    Place the postcard under the press so that the details are better adhered (you can put it under a book or a stack of magazines). After completely drying out, you can write words of gratitude or a warm wish.

Undoubtedly, veterans will be delighted with such a gift and attention from the younger generation.

Craft work on May 9 from plasticine

Gentle and simple in the implementation of a thematic postcard with the use of plasticine. From colored plasticine (it is better to take wax) roll small balls. On a cardboard basis draw a contour of nine and twigs. Now it will not be difficult for a child to paste prepared balls and details of flowers.

Flowers of Victory

Along with the St. George ribbon, the symbol of Victory is carnations. You can make them yourself with a normal napkin, following a step-by-step description of the work:

  1. Prepare the necessary materials: scissors, colored napkins and chenille wire (by the number of flowers in the bouquet).
  2. A few napkins folded into a pile and fold an accordion.
  3. In the middle of the resulting accordion, fasten with a wire.
  4. Cut the corners from both sides.
  5. Fan the petals (lift up and disconnect).
    If white napkins are used for making, the edges of paper blanks can be colored with a felt-tip pen or marker. Such floral compositions can be used both for composing bouquets as an element of voluminous postcards.

Voluminous crafts for May 9

Interesting and entertaining for older children will be the manufacture of aircraft and tanks in the quilling technique.

It will take a little:

  • cardboard corrugated type (it can be purchased in specialized stores for creativity);
  • scissors;
  • glue stick;
  • old colored pencils (for a barrel).
  • The algorithm of the work:
  1. We cut 10 strips 1 cm wide (for caterpillar wheels) and 1 strip 2 cm wide (for the cabin).
  2. We twist the blanks and fix the edges with glue.
  3. For each caterpillar we harvest 5 wheels, glue them together and glue them with green paper.
  4. From the toothpick and red paper we make a flag.
  5. We connect all the details according to the scheme.

Crafts made of paper do not require special skill, so their making can be offered even to children in kindergarten. And then arrange an exhibition of military equipment.

Dove of peace

The symbol of freedom and peace is considered to be a white dove with an olive branch in its beak. It can be done in the garden for the Victory Day holiday. You will need a thick white paper, wooden skewers, a pencil and scissors.

On paper we circle children’s hands, cut out along the contour. To the bird’s beak we glue a cut out small green twig. Using a strip of paper or tape, attach the dove figure to the skewer. Ready-made crafts can be put in a vase or donated to grandparents.


A great idea will be a collage of old black and white photographs, newspaper clippings and front-line letters. Such an article on Victory will convey the atmosphere of the Great Patriotic War to the younger generation.

Greeting cards and souvenirs made with their own hands – this is perhaps the most soulful sign of attention for veterans, for those who defended our Motherland. Get a little creative and please the recipients with your warm gratitude and attention!

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