When it comes to Kinder surprises, one involuntarily recalls the advertising slogan “three in one – a toy, a surprise and milk chocolate.” Yes, indeed, everything corresponds to expectations. But that’s not all – a plastic capsule from under the kinder, in which the same anticipated surprise was kept, can be used to make new toys. Crafts made from eggs, made by own hands, will undoubtedly please the kids and will not deliver too many difficulties in the process of fulfillment. It is enough only to use the offered detailed master classes that will help to make unique crafts for individual games or joint activities in kindergarten.

Crafts for the little ones

The baby’s first toy is a rattle. It is to her caring mothers make the most demands:

it must first of all be safe in the game;
is made of environmentally friendly materials;
bright in color.
The trouble is that not all manufacturers conscientiously perform all these points when manufacturing the first toys of kids. We suggest moms to make rattles for their little girls.

You will need a little:

  • plastic eggs from under the kinder;
  • rice cereals, dry peas or beans, coffee beans, beads, etc. (to fill the rattle);
  • half from the body of the handle (you can take a wooden skewer or wand from Chupa-Chups);
  • cotton threads of several bright colors;
  • Crochet hook;
  • creativity and inspiration!
  1. In the capsule we place the prepared filler (croup, peas, beads) and tightly close. For safety, a thin layer of super-glue can be applied to the edges or fixed using an adhesive pencil. It is worth noting that the composition of the filler will further depend on the sound and volume of the rattle. To better understand what sound will be more pleasant for a child, experiment in advance.
  2. For convenience in the game we use the case from the handle. The plastic egg is fixed on the cooked stick.
  3. To give the rattle a cheerful look, we tie it with crochet bright threads. Yarn is best to choose from natural fiber (cotton, viscose, silk will suit). An obligatory condition is also the fact that it should not be painted and shed. Kids will necessarily pull everything in their mouth, so the strapping of mohair and wool is not suitable – the nap will undoubtedly remain in the child’s mouth, and the paint can lead to indigestion at best.
  4. Now that you are fully confident in the safety and environmental friendliness of the toy, you can give it to the little girl. Mother’s care and creativity will be appreciated!

Recently, more and more popular along with rattles are gaining such educational toys as slings . They, too, oddly enough, can be made from eggs from kinder.

The principle of operation is similar to the above. Capsules are filled with a different filler, tightly fixed with glue. Each filled egg is pierced with an awl or a thick needle, a ribbon or a cord is threaded through them and crocheted with cotton threads.

Such slingbuses can be made in different colors, tying each element with new threads. When the child grows up, they can be used to study the primary colors.


Funny, sweet, and most importantly, simple and inexpensive animals can be made together with children from secondary material from chocolate eggs – it is enough just to show imagination and patience. And you need the following:

  • plastic eggs;
  • plasticine:
  • ready eyes (you can take and small buttons or beads).
    The photo shows the basic models of cute and simple animals.

Yellow eggs are suitable for making a chicken, a kitten and a dog, while for other animals it is better to pick up blanks of the corresponding colors. Now you can easily learn with the children of animals and build your own petting zoo or farm.

Merry Minions

Heroes favorite cartoon can come to life right in the hands of your children, it is only to invite them themselves to make funny Minions. Funny and mischievous yellow little men will cheer your children and their friends. You can make Merry Minions right on the children’s holiday (each participant of the event will be able to take a new friend with him) or by engaging in creativity in the older groups of the kindergarten or in junior school classes.

The army of yellow villains is extremely simple to manufacture! The body of the egg, factory eyes, black marker, electrical tape or glued colored paper, scissors – this small set must be prepared in advance. The number of plastic capsules will depend on the number of heroes.

Countable material

In classes on studying the basics of mathematics at home and kindergarten, you should stock up on a bright and interesting child with counting material. Lessons in developing oral account skills will be much more interesting and productive if you use colorful handouts in your work. You can make yourself clear with your own hands, using boxes from kinder.

When learning to count, homemade accounts can also come in handy, in which wooden bones can be replaced with mini-containers. Orienting on the photo, you easily repeat this simple device.

Use for medical purposes

During the period of exacerbation of influenza, health workers recommend eating garlic, which copes easily with disease-causing viruses and is an excellent prevention of colds. Babies under 3 years are not recommended to add to food in large quantities, this spicy seasoning. But we found a way out: put a few crushed garlic cloves in a box from the chocolate egg, make a hole with a nail, a knitting needle or an awl and thread the lace. Now your baby will be safe from insidious viruses – “garlic amulet” will provide a protective cloud of useful phytoncides!

Of seemingly unnecessary material, you can make educational toys, useful adaptations and just beautiful souvenirs. It is enough to show only a little creative – and the secondary raw materials will turn into real works of art that your kids will surely like!

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