Rangoli is a folk art from India. They are decorative designs on the floor in front of the entrance, meeting room, worship hall, courtyard etc. during the Hindu festivals. They are considered sacred and used to welcome the deities. Rangoli designs are made of colorful rice, dry dough, (colorful) sand or even flower petals. Along with Diwali, just around the corner, let us welcome Goddess Lakshmi with a mix of traditional and modern Rangoli designs. Rangoli can be two types, wet and dry. Dry rangoli is made of natural or chemical colors, flowers and petals. Made of wet rangoli paints.

To prevent the color from spreading, you have to wipe the floor with a wet cloth. Make a border with the wheel around the area where Rangoli will be designed. Choose the base color and stretch it first. Then with the help of your fingers, color or flower petals spread on chalk designs. Use a piece of glass to decorate it. Use candles, diyas and Ganesha or Lakshmi idols as decorations.

The idea and purpose of Rangoli is belief and belief in accordance with Hindu mythology. Welcome to the Goddess with colorful and creative rangolis and enjoy this Diwali with the creative Renaissance.

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